Day: June 3, 2020

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How The Laser Cutter Adds Value to Garage DIY ProjectsHow The Laser Cutter Adds Value to Garage DIY Projects

There are few greater delights for homeowners and sole traders to utilise than their garage to build, design and repair products.

This level of innovation and endeavour can showcase the very best in manufacturing and development, but it can only be considered a success if participants have the tools to make the magic happen.

By introducing a laser cutter to the workbench, individuals are able to produce better quality content for their suppliers, their clients and their own property.


We will outline how these applications add value for the local garage when a DIY project is on the cards.


Expert Cutting Accuracy Levels

Trying to oversee a domestic cutting project through standard methods is open to mistakes. Even with decades of experience shaping and manipulating materials, attempting to craft products to the exact measurement is almost impossible. Human error is just a part of life, especially in a DIY environment. Thankfully the use of a laser cutter will produce the goods for homeowners that want to achieve the best results. The margin of error with these machines is limited down to 0.0005 inches, illustrating that it will produce world-class finishes across the board.


User Safety Guaranteed

Fortunately, with a no-contact approach to cutting and shaping materials, the modern laser cutter brand guarantees a high level of safety for personnel. The item can even be positioned remotely to give users the opportunity to have no direct intervention with the material. The computer programming and software integration removes the chance of experiencing contamination or suffering an injury, adding another layer of value for an investment that ticks all of the right boxes.


Multifaceted Materials

As any DIY home worker will understand, no two projects are ever identical. From fixing the floorboards on the patio to repairing the steel fence to shaping a brand new window fitting, the laser cutter is equal to any challenge. There is almost nothing off-limits for those operating at their home garage hoping to cut, shape or connect materials together. This will range from wood to metal, copper to aluminum, glass to rubber and plastics to ceramics. These brands are utilised across the public and private industrial sector, but there is no barrier to implementing them for domestic projects.


Energy Efficient Options

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In years gone by, the use of a laser cutter would come at a compromise for energy consumption rates. With the application of the laser beam, it would accumulate significant wattage to run the operation. In 2020 there are outlets that offer choice for participants that want to leverage the technology while controlling their utility bill. The top suppliers will provide machines that do not exceed 10kW of energy at a time, providing a roadblock for those that want to set limits on their consumption rates.


Fast Production Time

DIY homeowners that attempt to fit multiple domestic projects inside of one weekend will fall in love with the laser cutter. What would normally take upwards of 3-4 hours of blood, sweat and tears for manual cutting can be achieved inside of 25-30 minutes or less. Operators do not have to expend anywhere near the same energy and input to achieve better results, freeing up more time to expedite additional tasks within the same working day. For anyone who struggles to deal with deadlines or is trying to fit in too much too soon, this is the right outlet to use.


Local homeowners are wise to do their homework with the laser cutter before identifying a brand they are happy to operate. The top sellers will include a long-term warranty as part of the package, offering peace of mind for users that are new to the process.…