Tips For Buying A Bassinet Pram

woman looking at her baby in the stroller

Trying to find a bassinet pram that is both lightweight and affordable? Find the perfect one for your needs can be a bit of a balancing act, and slightly overwhelming – there are a lot of options on the market. So what should you consider when purchasing bassinet prams? Here are a few of our top tips:

Check the weight

Weight is key and should be a top priority when buying bassinet prams. Every parent will know the importance of a lightweight design when their out and about, struggling with bags, dealing, or traveling with kids. The lighter, the better when it comes to choosing a model. You want to know that you can easily fold it up and put it away, ideally with only one arm. When looking for options check the weight specifications and also ensure you ask questions about the folding mechanism, it doesn’t matter how light it is if you can’t put it away quickly and easily.

Check the cost

Bassinet prams can range in price from very affordable to extremely expensive depending on the model and brand you choose. Whilst they often come with a cheaper price tag than the standard price tag, the cost can still sometimes be hard to swallow, especially if you’re only choosing to buy one for travel or secondary use. It’s important to balance weight and quality with a price you can afford, take the time to look for reviews from those who have tested models in your price range as this can give you a good indication of their performance and quality.

Check airline restrictions

Bassinet prams are often purchased for travel purposes, so if you’re planning to take your model on a trip then it’s important it means flight requirements. Most models will need to be checked in at the gate by flight attendants, but some small, light designs can be taken on board and stowed in the overhead compartment – which means less waiting around at take-off and landing. It’s worth noting that with some Australia airline, carry-on size prams can be considered part of your luggage allowance which might mean you won’t be able to get all your bags on, or perhaps leave you with nasty extra luggage costs at the check-in counter.

Check the dimensions of your pram against your airline requirements to ensure it meets their carry-on requirements. When selecting a model it’s also a good idea to see if there are accessories available, like a carry-strap or bag to make your chosen pram easier to carry around.

Be conscious of the sun

baby sleeping in the stroller with sunlight on her face

In order to be as light as possible and fold up more easily, many bassinet prams sacrifice certain features that you may find on a larger pram, such as canopies and shades. Whilst weight is an important factor, shade features are important as they protect your child from the sun and rain. Make sure your chosen model still has protection from the elements as this will mean you can use it in a variety of conditions.

Check if it reclines

Bassinet prams can sometimes have limited recline options, which can be an issue for newborns or long trips with children that like to sleep while out and about. Some models are better than others for nap-time, so make sure you look around to find a model that is comfortable for your bubs.

Look at the safety features

Safety is essential, so make sure the model you’re looking at meets key safety requirements such as 5-point seatbelt harnesses.