Do You Need A Conveyancer In Campbelltown?


A conveyancer in Campbelltown will help you to navigate all the legal issues surrounding purchasing a new home and takes some of the stress and anxiety out of the process of buying a new home. But what do they do and do you really need one? Read on below and make the decision yourself.

What does a conveyancer in Campbelltown do?

They manage the process of moving the official ownership of land from one person to another, or basically the manage the transfer of a land title from one owner to another. The new owner can be a person or even a business. The process involves the preparation, verification and lodgment of a number of legal documents involved in the purchase and sale of homes, they also help to prepare the property for settlement. The process is very complex and typically involves three stages, pre-contract, pre-completion and post-completion. The improper handling of paperwork during these stages can cause the contracted to become voided. Paperwork must be completed correctly and handed in on the correct dates. Dealing with the paperwork in the wrong way could mean you void your deposit and lose your dream home.

A conveyancer in Campbelltown will have the required expertise to ensure that all legal documents are in order. They are licensed professionals qualified to give advice and information relating to the transfer of property and also assist buyers and sellers throughout the sale process.

It is recommended that you seek the services of a conveyancer in Campbelltown if you plan to buy or sell land, or you need to update a title, if you’re subdividing land or if you’re registering, updating or removing an easement on your property. They can also assist with arranging inspections such as building and pest inspections, checking for any issues on the property that could be in breach of council regulations, they can also help prepare and examine the contract of sale and assist with the payment of the deposit, stamp duty and other transfer fees and organise a land survey. Performing these duties requires accreditation.

Do I have to have a conveyancer in Campbelltown or can I do it myself?

Giving away the keys to a home

You are not legally obligated to engage the services of a conveyancer in Campbelltown but it is often recommended that you do. Whilst you can do it yourself to save money, you could end up costing yourself a lot more. Real estate and property is a highly complex area and missing a deadline for paperwork or not properly adhering to the laws could mean losing your deposit or your home.

How do they differ from solicitors?

Your conveyancer in Campbelltown with being trained and highly skilled in a specific area but will be limited to offering a few specific services. If you need advice on property law or need assistance with the terms of your contract of sale then you may be better offer seeking the help of a solicitor. If legal issues come up during the settlement process you may also be better served by engaging the services of a solicitor. Solicitors tend to cost more as they charge by the hour whereas you’ll pay a flat fee when dealing with professionals in property transfer.

How much do they cost?

Whilst costs vary depending on the nature of their business and services you can generally expect to spend about $500 to $2,500 on the costs associated with property transfer. Most will charge a flat fee although you should be aware that there can also be additional costs called disbursement costs.